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Metal Dew Shield for 8" to 14" SCT

£100.99 including UK P&P

Solid metal dew shield for 8", 10", 12" and 14" Meade LX SCT

In moist climates water particles suspended in the atmosphere may condense on the front surface of the telescope's correcting plate. This dew formation may be inhibited to a significant extent by the addition of a Dew Shield, essentially an extension tube attaching to the front-cell of the telescope.

The AE all metal dew -shields for Meade LX SCTs have a seemless spun design and feature an IR absorbing matt black coating on the inside of the shield that was originally developed for the defence industry. The shields are fitted with three nylon fixing screws and feature Meade gloss blue powder coat finish.

Select the following models from the drop-down menu below:

AC299 for 8" SCT and 7" MC

AC301 for 10" SCT

AC302 for 12" SCT

AC455 for 14" SCT