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AC666 Laser-Mate universal laser pointer telescope mounting

£14.99 including UK P&P

Now available with silver or black main body - see images (select version from drop down menu below)

The Astro Engineering AC666 Laser-Mate . laser pointer finder bracket allows you to turn any green laser pointer in to a superb telescope finder! Used responsibly, the laser finder is a great way to point telescopes - itīs great on GOTO scopes too - showing you exactly where the instrument is pointing, to show other observers or to transfer the target position to another non-GOTO scope etc.

The AC666 Laser-Mate finder bracket attaches to the telescope using a universal mounting bracket that can be used on telescope tubes ranging in size from 80mm upwards to 450mm and beyond! The universal mounting (identical to the one used on the AE Universal Solar Finder AC618 and Easy-Aim red dot reflex finder AC544) uses double-sided foam adhesive strip for permanent fixing (removable!). The separate finder bracket (easily removed from the base by loosening the thumb screws) has six nylon thumb screws that allow you to collimate your laser pointer into perfect registration with the telescope. Now available in silver or black finish.

SNS comment: This is a great gadget and allows just about any modern laser pointer to be turned into a super telescope finder! It fits easily to any telescope in seconds and leaves a semi-permanent base (held on with foam adhesive tape that can be removed if needed) that will also accept our Antares Red Dot finder or the Multi-reticule finder system.

Green laser finders are great for use on almost any telescope but are particularly useful on Dobsonian and other alt-azimuth mounted telescopes - in short, a highly recommended widget!.