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AC421 The Pro-Pier for equatorial wedges (LX200 etc)

£509.99 including UK P&P

As result of direct research AE have a close understanding of the causes of vibration in small observatory installations. This knowledge has been exploited in the design of the MegaWedge Pro Observatory Pier. The Pro pier uses our tried and tested anti-vibration design technology but with the benefit of a specially designed and CNC manufactured top plate for the high specification needs of the MegaWedge Pro. The pier can be bolted directly to a suitable concrete floor. Manufactured from heavy steel for the base and aluminium for the CNC head the Pro-Pier is finished in black stipple-finish resin powder coating. Specification: 1010mm (39.75") high (without wedge).

The AC421 Pier-Pro is available in steel or aluminium (see drop-down box below for prices).

About the designer: born in Ilford in 1959, Robert J Dalby is well known to amateur astronomers as an exacting practitioner and populariser of CCD astro-imaging. He is co-inventor (with Dr Kunihiko Okano) of the LRGB image compositing method, and designer of over 600 astronomy accessories on sale under various brand names around the world. Robert has provided mountings for literally thousands of telescopes used by professional and self-funded astronomers (his preferred term for amateurs!). His high performance telescope mountings can be found from research installations in Moscow to the top of a volcano on La Palma! In 1989 Robert founded Astro Engineering - a UK manufacturer of some of the world´s finest astronomy accessories, many of which can be purchased from Pulsar Optical. When not at the AE works Robert lives under the dark skies of Norfolk with his wife and a lazy ginger cat named Boswell.