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AC503 5" Lightweight mounting rings for 8" SCT & 7" MC

£88.99 including UK P&P

These simple lightweight mounting rings are supplied in pairs, and are all you need to fit additional scopes and lenses (for CCD autoguiding, astrophotography etc) to your Meade LX SCT telescope.

The rings are precision manufactured from solid aluminium in and are finished in anodic black dye.

Three adjustment screws, 120 degrees apart with plastic tip protection, are fitted to each ring and are designed to clamp the scope rigidly in place, but also to allow quick star centering for CCD autoguiding work or simple, main-scope alignment for astro photography.

The rings for 8" and 7" and 10" LX telescopes are asymmetric in design to avoid interfering with the finder scope. All rings are supplied with fasteners and fitting tool.

Please note: from the fact that the rings attach to the main castings at the front and rear of the LX OTA, there is naturally a lower tube length limit that restricts the length of telescope that can be attached in this way. That is, the clear tube length must be able to fit within the distance between the rings when mounted on your telescope. If the clear tube length of telescope you wish to attach is shorter than this distance, you will need to use the fully adjustable parallel rail system.

Comment from dealer website: These rings have a unique high precision CNC design. They are more expensive than some but that's hardly surprising as these rings are machined out of solid plate aluminium and are not bodged up out of slices of gas pipe like some products offered for sale in the UK and USA! Does it matter? You bet it does! The AE product fits to your SCT using two accessory attachment fasteners for each ring - ensuring secure, flexture free performance.