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Max DSLR 2 inch camera adaptor (for Canon, Nikon & Pentax)

£27.99 including UK P&P

This well made lathe turned 2 inch camera adapter is designed to fit SLR and DSLR cameras to all telescopes with 2" eyepiece holders.

No T thread adaptor needed!

The Max DSLR fits directly to the camera body without the compromise of a separate T ring adaptor. The dedicated bayonet fittings (No T thread!) allow wider throats and significantly lower overall profile than conventional T-thread adaptors. The improvement is as much as 4mm in aperture and as much as 6mm overall length - so less chance of vignetting and a lot more focus latitude when used with modern short focus refractors. These gains are when the Max DSLR is compared with well designed low-profile 2" adaptors; (eg the AE AC493) with other 2" adaptors out there the advantages are even more strident: as much as 10mm wider aperture and 20mm shorter!

Not only better, it's cheaper too! The design is not limited by the constraints set by the T-thread and there is no risk of weight of the camera unscrewing the T-mount in use. Another strong benefit is that the user does not need to purchase a separate T ring adaptor, making the adaptor actually cheaper than other solutions!

This adapter is constructed to offer the lowest possible profile and minimise the need for inward focus travel - making it ideal for use with popular short focal length refractors and Newtonian reflectors. The nosepiece has an anti-slip recess and is also threaded to take standard 2 inch filters.

This is a superb quality adapter is made in England. The nosepiece is made of hard anodised aluminium with an anti-slip recess. The interior has anti-reflection ribbing to eliminate reflection and improve contrast.

Note: standard T-thread adapters are NOT required for this adaptor - simply select your camera brand from the drop down list below.