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AC580 AlignMate Classic alignment aid for Meade ETX, LX90 and other telescopes

£14.99 including UK P&P

The AlignMate is one of the world's most popular Meade ETX/LX90 accessories with many thousands sold worldwide. The AlignMate solves your alignment hassles and allows you to find due north and get a perfect level of your telescope tube in seconds. Simply pop the AlignMate into the eyepiece holder and rotate the instrument until the north indicator on the compass lines up with the telescope tube, make a small local adjustment for your true north deviation, then lock the azimuth axis and simply flip the Alignmate over to reveal the bubble and level the tube perfectly every time. Lock the axis and it's done - you are ready to hit enter on the Autostar and make a perfect alignment! Not only does the AlignMate take all the fuss out of aligning your Meade scope but it makes a stylish and effective dust plug too!

Fits all 1.25" eyepiece holders The AlignMate fits all serious telescopes and has tons of uses. It's the ideal tool to keep a check on your Meade "Level North" system telescope.

But don't just take our word for how useful the AlignMate is - read an independent (American) review of the AlignMate by clicking here:

AlignMate Review by Mike Overaker

The AlignMate (AC580) comprises a large bubble level screw mounted on one side of a precision-turned Delrin barrel, and at the other end is a recessed quality oil-damped compass.