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AC789 adaptor ring to convert Sky Watcher rear cell thread to SCT visual back thread

£22.99 including UK P&P

This superbly engineered adaptor ring is designed to allow SCT accessories to be fitted to the rear-cell thread of all Sky Watcher Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes.

The AC789 will fit Sky Watcher Mak Cass: 90mm, 102mm, 127mm, 150mm Pro and 180mm Pro.

The designers and manufacturers, Astro Engineering, are well known for the quality of their adaptors. It's their understanding of the telescope and the observer's needs that makes the end product better by design. For example: the AC789 features skillfully engineered under-cut relief to minimise the risk of binding and sticking and to make it easy to remove (after steep temperature changes etc). Competing manufacturers, with less experience, rarely display this kind of engineering foresight.

The adapter is constructed so that it simply screws on to the rear cell thread of the Sky Watcher Mak. Cass. telescopes and converts the thread to the larger size used by SCT accessories. The low profile design offers wide functionality.

The adaptor can be used to attach a huge range of SCT accessories to Sky Watcher Mak-Cass. telescopes: Camera adaptors, focal reducers, 2" eyepiece holders etc.

The adaptor is made from aluminium and has a hard black anodised finish.

Please note: If this is your first short visit to our little planet you may find this confusing, but the telescopes and focal reducer shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the price.