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AC631 Micro filter holder (M42 to T)

£27.99 including UK P&P

AC631 Micro filter holder

Mini filter holder and camera lens adaptor, male side T threaded, the female side is threaded for Pentax M42. Pentax/Praktica SLR lenses can be attached and standard 1.25" filters can be inserted and popped out using the built in plunger.

Picture shows Velcro light trap in the open position. The 1.25" nose-piece is for illustration purposes only and is not included in the price.

To achieve focus at infinity when using camera lenses T thread extension tubes may be required see AC603 or SnS AstroBoot.

Fitting notes: All SLR camera body lens flanges are around 45mm from the film plane. The AC631 is only 17mm thick so if your cameras flange to imaging chip distance is less than 28mm you will probably need an extension tube to place the lens further away from the chip to achieve focus at infinity.