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About us

Who are Astro Engineering?

Founded by Director of Operations Robert Dalby in 1989, Astro Engineering is a small privately-owned company that specialises in the design and manufacture of accessories for astronomical telescopes, instruments and other products involved in the pursuit of astronomy. Until recently, the company’s brand identity was closely associated with the name of its UK distributor, Broadhurst Clarkson & Fuller Limited of Tunbridge Wells, and the Astro Engineering name appeared as a sub-heading on the well known BC&F AE logo. However, we also make products for other well known astronomy companies and in the early months of 2005 we changed our name to Astro Engineering to reflect the wide base of our operations.
Our products are available nationwide in the UK from a select network of authorised dealers. Our products are increasingly available overseas and we welcome contact from prospective national distributors.
We like to think our carefully crafted products enjoy a broad appeal within the astronomical community. Whilst it is true that many of our key products have been designed with the most experienced astronomers in mind - indeed, our products are to be found in some of the most demanding professional astronomy institutions in the world - other items have their appeal grounded in the help they lend to the novice astronomer.

Company philosophy

The history of Astro Engineering is centred on engineering design and manufacture with virtually all of our 400+ item product range manufactured in the UK. As a company we maintain a high degree of personal enthusiasm for observational astronomy and have a thorough understanding and regard - not to say love - for the subject of telescopic astronomy. We draw on this understanding daily in every product that we design; all products are developed and tested at our observatory under the dark skies of the Cambridgeshire Fens just outside the City of Ely. Nothing goes into production unless it has been ‘battle-tested’ at the observatory!

BC&F association

For nearly ten years Astro Engineering enjoyed a close association with Broadhurst Clarkson & Fuller, one of the world's oldest astronomy companies and the importers and distributors of Meade equipment for the whole of the United Kingdom. We believe Meade instruments to be amongst the best of their kind and we are proud to endorse Meade as an astronomical instrument manufacturer in the finest traditions of the craft. Indeed, at Astro Engineering we feel so strongly about Meade telescopes that more than 60% of our products are accessories that have been designed to work specifically with their instruments.


Our manufacturing and packaging facilities are based a few miles from the quiet rural city of Ely in Cambridgeshire. Many astronomy equipment dealers will be familiar with the observatory as our dealer training programmes are run from there. Products are developed and tested under the night sky at the observatory, and once they are given the green light they are assembled and packaged in our workshops nearby. We think it is critical to the success of our products that they are conceived, manufactured and tested by keen experienced astronomers. Our manufacturing process gives our distinctive products not just quality, but through this process of expert development also credibility and up-to-the-minute relevance. We understand the needs of astronomers old and new, and take pride in the fact that we serve the astronomical community with trusted products in this way.
Robert J. Dalby FRAS
Director of Operations
Astro Engineering